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Guided Reading LEVEL K Artroom decor t Guided

Guided Reading LEVEL K Artroom decor t Guided


Guided Reading: 1st Grade Style | Guided Reading | Guided reading, Guided reading organization, Small group reading

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GOOGLE DRIVE small group planners

Teachers desk and guided reading table that I created with fabrics

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Launching Guided Reading Small Groups & Independent Centers | The First Grade Parade | Bloglovin'

Llama directed drawing (how to draw a llama) for kids.

In the Art Room: Creating

I love this idea for Guided Reading! Students read the word and if they get it right, they get to keep the cube. Whoever has the talles… | School Ideas ...

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Skills: This novel study is for the book Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe. This book is a Guided Reading Level Q and Lexile of DRA of

Okay, I lied. I have more to say. I created this anchor chart for my students. PDF right here. Nearly all of my kiddos fall under the "real creating" ...


Guided Reading Level and Conversion Chart

Guided Math in 1st Grade

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Crate chairs for guided reading table... Got idea from here!! :)

(Yes, we refer to the place to put our dirty paint brushes as a "hot tub". Don't judge.)

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Guided Reading Level Chart | Reading Level Correlation Chart Grade Level Reading Recovery A Guided Reading

The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading

Guided Reading and Intervention with Freebies! :)

As you turn each page, an additional color of ribbon is added to the ribbon rainbow in the book, hence the "Magic Ribbon Book" label at the bottom.

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Do you recall those wild and wacky paintings created on the first days of school in this post? Those large paintings have come in very handy as backdrops ...

Lexile/AR/Guided Reading Conversion Chart Guided Reading Level Chart, Dra Reading Levels


Click for free sketchbook prompt download!

I tried to think of the places in my art room where the kids would visit the most. I also came up with fun clues to help them find those places.

Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

My Favorite Art Room Materials


Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

There are so many components to a teaching lesson (the opening, direct instruction, guided practice, closing, and more). How can a teacher perfect them all?

Photography sketchbook ideas

Guided Drawing: Owls!

Maybe Something Beautiful - Guided Reading Maybe Something Beautiful - Guided Reading

Fiction Reading Reflection Poster - Classroom Caboodle

Veils of Light and Color

“Some kids are art smart, or music smart, or book smart, and we don't get to explore enough of that during a traditional school day,” says Kerry Blackwelder ...

Retell Literacy Center {20 Famous Story Retelling Ideas and Printables} | KindergartenWorks

art night picture

Design Sketchbook experimentation ideas

How to Draw & Paint a Thanksgiving Turkey

Kristyna and Marek Milde, Homescape – prototype, living sculpture, moss, ferns, installation view at the Westport Art Center

Across the hall from the art room, a group of sixth-grade students practice a song of their own choosing, Scars to Your Beautiful, by Alessia Cara.

The Power of a Portrait



Math Small Group


Using an idea from the Painted Paper in the Art Room blog, Costa Rican Oxcarts, Sra. Nedrelow guided her fourth graders to design oxcart wheels.

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The Crazy Pre-K Classroom: Individual Guided Reading Binders: How to Kick start your reading groups!


Working together with the 1st through 4th grade teachers, Angela guided students in constructing and decorating their own Kalimbas (thumb pianos), ...

Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA)

My top 8 simple tricks and tips for teaching art to kids

Name Design

I love these 21 Classroom Things Worth Purchasing From the Dollar Tree

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variety of line rubric

NCEA Design scholarship workbook

The final phase of the game was a "solo mission". Each artist was given three Post-It's and a Sharpie. They could pick from any of the six questions on my ...

Data and Design

Free or Cheap Ways to Stock Your Classroom Library


130 FAQs and Practical Answers from Scholastic's Teacher Helpline

10 Art History Classes You Can Take Online (for Free)

Fairy Tale Drawings

We are fortunate now at St Martin's to have a dedicated space to teach the Visual Arts and the Art Room is coming together. New stools were delivered and ...

Drink & Draw | BYOB Figure Dra.


The hardest thing about implementing our Automatic Captioning system has been explaining to skeptical administrators that it is, in fact, automatic.

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Grade 5/6 Room – featuring a science/rock center, lots of plants, fish tanks, curtains, individual student work stations with daily schedules, ...

The KinderArt Store

21. Or to add polkadots to your tables — you can write on them with dry-erase markers!

Thanks to the continued support of friends like you, 2018 has been Artist Trust's boldest year of artist support– and we're not done yet.


Mountain Parent Magazine - Winter 2018 by Mountain Parent Magazine - issuu

Working together with the 1st through 4th grade teachers, Angela guided students in constructing and decorating their own Kalimbas (thumb pianos), ...

Thanks so much for checking in with me. Let's connect on instagram- @emily_art_teacher_smile. And don't forget to check out my previous preschool/pre k art ...

Manipulating text

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4B have created some excellent charcoal drawings inspired by #VarjakPaw @whatSFSaid ....I love it and the children love it when our classroom is covered in ...

Eager to personally observe the transformation that I have been hearing and writing about for the past three years, as well as curious about the use of the ...

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Looking for white lights for Prom decorating

K'Road Precinct

How to make a retell literacy center with 20 famous books for kindergarten - this is

Classroom Must-Haves: Resources I Love

High School Classrooms – featuring “What Did I Miss” handout sections, SLOs visuals, due date boards, reading strategies, standing desks, desks in rows, ...

Faith Wilson, Confessions of a teenage afakasi 2016

And finally, the FJÄLLA desk organizer ($6.99) is going to be very handy sitting on my guided reading/math table. I can put all of my copies and small ...

Label book bins by genre or level.